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An Introduction to Apostille and Legalization and the How-To process in United State

About the eBook
The eBook is designed to help individuals in the United States understanding what does the Apostille mean? and how it facilitates a lot of complication in authenticating documents for foreign use.
The eBook Headlines:-
  1. Apostille Glossary
  2. The use of the Model Apostille Certificate
  3. Applicability of the Apostille Convention
  4. Competent Authorities
  5. Registering the Apostille
  6. Embassy Legalization VS. Apostille Stamp
  7. Notary Public
  8. How to obtain the Apostille Stamp fast?
  9. What can California Apostille do for me?
The eBook is not intended to provide commentary articles on the text of the treaty, however, it is a free guide on how to obtain an Apostille by yourself in the United States fast and easy.

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