US Arab Chamber of Commerce

Los Angeles, CA

The US Arab Chamber of Commerce (USACC) is a nationally recognized chamber, located on Dupont Circle, Washington D.C., with a mission to serve U.S. businesses that export products or provide services to the Middle East.

USACC offers the following expedited services:

  1. Affixing the stamp of the chamber as required by Arab countries (same day service).
  2. Business document authentication from the U.S. Department of State & all Arab embassies.
  3. Embassy certification for shipping documents (Certificate of Origin and Invoice)..
    (C/O & C/I are accepted online (PDF format) for processing at most embassies).

Note: There is no need to become a member to use the services of USACC.

About Us

US Arab Chamber of Commerce “USACC” serves the business community by providing certification for commercial invoices (C/I), certificates of origin (C/O) and related export documents in which they are placed to under (C/O) and (C/I), as governments and customs may require our stamp because they are exporting products to Arab countries or it is required in a letter of credit between them and their customers located in one of the Arab countries.

We got knowledge of the laws that that pertain to exporting from the US, as well as the relevant laws of other countries. There are measures that can be taken by the US Arab Chamber of commerce in the panning process to minimize the probability that they will make unnecessary errors that have grave legal consequences.

In addition to that the US Arab Chamber of Commerce™ stamp I recognized through out the Arab embassies and proper authorities; in which it enables the US Arab Chamber of Commerce™ to authenticate our customer’s export documents. The US Arab Chamber of Commerce™ has been legally cooperating with the Arab world through the Arab chamber of commerce “ACC” which is considered as potential cooperation that ensures your services quality.


Address: 453 South Spring Street,
Suite 734,
Los Angeles, CA – 90013
Tel: (323) 510 – 5050