Providing Apostille Services in Los Angeles, CA

California Apostille & Expedited Services


$50.00 per Document
4 Business Day

We provide expedited Apostille service for documents issued by the federal agencies such as FDA, USPTO, FBI, USDA, from the US Department of State. In addition to providing authentication service for any U.S. document destined for use in a Non-Hague Countries.

California Secretary of State Apostille

$60.00 per Apostille
One Business day

We provide expedited Apostille services from the SOS office in Los Angeles, CA to be used abroad. We can certify any document notarized by a CA notary public or bear the signature/ stamp of a CA elected or appointed official.

embassy legalization of documents

Embassies Fees are Variable
Unfixed Processing Time

We assist Corporations and individuals obtain Embassy/ Consular Legalization from all foreign embassies in DC and CA. We also provide the Stamp of the US Arab Chamber of Commerce for commercial export documents destined for use in the Arab Countries.

Do It Yourself

Walk-in Service
$26.00 per Apostille
One Business day

California Secretary of State office in Sacramento & Los Angeles offers authentication of public official signatures by issuing an Apostille. No appointment needed. First came first serve.

Mailing Service
$26.00 per Apostille
10 Business day

The Secretary of State office in Sacramento, CA offers authentication of public official signatures on documents by mail to be used abroad. they can authenticate signatures only on documents issued in the same State.

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California Apostille is a US Apostille’s partner based in Los Angeles, we provide an expedited Apostille services for all of the U.S. Citizens in the State of California and all of it’s counties. We offer rush document authentication service for California public state Documents from the Secretary of State office in Los Angeles and from the US State Department in Washington, DC for federally issued documents.

California Apostille also provides Embassy legalization services for all documents issued in the United States and destined for use in the Non-Hague Convention Participating Countries.

We aim to provide our customers with a professional, effective and expedited Apostille service at reasonable rates. Our goal is to facilitate the certification process and to help California Corporations and Individuals obtaining their Apostilles timely.

  1. We offer the competitive prices available over all the States.
  2. Embassy Legalization Service from all foreign embassies in Washington DC.
  3. Customer services availability through emails.
  4. Corporate support through emails or phone.
  5. Free document review system to check your document status.
  6. English to Arabic, Arabic to English translation service.

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