Cover Letter is required to be completed whenever you order an authentication service from the Secretary office. The governmental website of California Secretary of State doesn’t provide a “Cover Letter” for document Apostille service, However, the Judicial Branch in California made an order form sample for apostille services.

We can help you prepare a cover letter to order California Apostille services.

California Apostille Cover Letter Sample

Or, you can relieve yourself from this burden and request our expedited apostille service. Either way, you have to complete a California Apostille Cover Letter.

California Apostille Authentication Request Form

Important News and Notice

Issuance of a Single Authentication Certificate:  Effective January 1, 2017, the California Secretary of State’s office will begin issuing a single Authentication Certificate for documents to be used outside of the country rather than issuing either an Apostille or Certificate depending on the country of destination.


This means that California Secretary of State is now issuing “Apostille Certificate” only for all documents destined for use outside the United States, regardless of the destination country.


Content of CA Cover Letter


The Secretary of State requires an authentication request form to know what is the service being requested and to contact the requester of the service in case of any problem. There are basic information that you must provide whenever you request an apostille from any Secretary of State in all 50 states, for example:


1. The contact information

  • Name of the person submitting the order.
  • Name of your company ” If found”
  • A daytime phone number
  • Your personal email
  • Date of submitting the request
  • Your address, or the company address


2. Document information

  • Number of documents
  • Destination country
  • Document type
  • A section for additional information if you have any special requirements.


3. Payment Information

  • The amount of your payment
  • The payment method” Money order, Check”


4. Mailing information

The return method of your package” in case of mailing service”. The Secretary of State office will return all mailed request via US postal service, regular mail. In case you prefer an alternative method, you must provide a prepaid return airway bill.

  • Prepaid return airway bill “FedEx, UPS or DHL”
  • The return address” it may differ from your address”


California Apostille Service | Mailed Orders

You can mail your CA Apostille request to California Secretary of State office in Sacramento. It is the only office that can process mailed orders


Fees: $20.00 per document

Processing time:  8 Business days


The California SOS office in Los Angeles and Sacramento can process Walk-in Apostille service.


Fees: $26.00

Processing time: one business day


California-Apostille provides expedited California document Apostille service in charge of $60.00 per document all inclusive” doesn’t include the shipping fee” and the processing time is just 3 hours. Examples of documents that we can apostille in California:


Corporate documents Commercial Export documents Personal Documents
Statement of Dissolution Commercial Invoice School/ College Transcript
Stock Purchase Agreement Certificate of Origin School/ College Diploma
Certificate of Incumbency Packing List Teaching Credentials
Certificate of existence Bill of Lading (Air, Ocean, Truck, Rail) TESOL Certificate
Letter of Authorization Insurance Certificate Bachelor Degree/ Certificate
Articles of Incorporation Halal Certificate Graduate Record Examination GRE
Certificate of Merger Kosher Certificate Doctorate Certificate
Company Bylaws Health Certificate Master Degree
Business License Dangerous Goods Certificate Associate Degree
Assignment Consular Invoice Doctorate Degree
Certificate of Good Standing Pro Forma Invoice Birth Certificate
Power of Attorney. Export License Death Certificate
Certificate of Analysis Export Declaration Marriage Certificate
Certificate of Formation Phytosanitary Certificate Divorce Certificate
Amendment Certificate of Analysis Divorce decree
ISO Certificate Pre-Shipment Inspection Driver License
Technical Data Sheet Veterinary certificate US Passport
Affidavit Sales certificate Police Clearance