Please fill the form of the secretary of state of California

Secretary of State

Business Programs Division

Notary Public, 1500 11th Street, 2nd Floor, Sacramento, CA 95814

Apostille Mail Request Cover Sheet

Complete and include this form with the three items below. Please type or print legibly.

  1. A document signed by a California public official or an original notarized and/or certified document. Aphotocopy is not acceptable.
  2. A check or money order payable to Secretary of State in the amount of $20.00 per Apostille requested.Additional fees apply if the request is submitted in person.
  3. A self-addressed envelope for the processed document to be returned. If you wish to use a mail trackingservice, please provide pre-paid postage. If you do not provide pre-paid postage, our office will return yourdocument via United States Postal Service regular mail.

Mail submission to: Notary Public

1500 11th Street, 2nd Floor

Sacramento, CA 95814

Note: If a birth or death certificate has the signature of a Health Officer or County Registrar (e.g. LocalRegistrar, Registrar of Vital Records), prior to presenting the document to our office for authentication, one of the following will be required:

  • Have that birth or death certificate certified by the county clerk’s office in the county in which it was issued; or
  • Obtain a certified copy of that birth or death certificate from the county recorder or State of California Department of Public Health.
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