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California affidavit apostille

Affidavit Apostille in California | Step by Step Guide

How to Get your Affidavit Apostille

Do you want to obtain an affidavit for any personal or legal purpose? and you wondered how to get an affidavit notarized and apostille, this is your guide to making an affidavit and its requirements, but first, you need to know what’s the meaning of affidavit.


California Apostille is a distinguished agency in the US which helps to apostille documents issued in the United States to be used in any of The Hague Convention countries. We provide expedited Apostille services for affidavits issued from the state of California in the US.

You can obtain your affidavit in 2 business days with a total cost of $60.00, divided as follows:

$35.00 for our service fees + $15.00 for D.C Government fees


What does affidavit mean?

An affidavit is a legal document which is signed by an affiant before a notary public or other relevant authorities. It states some facts about a legal matter based on the affiant’s personal knowledge and beliefs. It is not written in a courtroom. It resembles a written court testimony, but instead, doing this verbally by placing one’s hand on the Bible, swearing he/she is telling nothing but the truth, it is done in writing. Giving signature over false information is considered as perjury.  It is like an oath but on paper. Despite being out of the courtroom, the affiant still has a legal obligation to tell the truth.


Apostille Affidavit For Hague countries:

  1. Affidavits can be obtained from either the Local County clerk, the court or the county clerk. One can get it from the court or state register in some states. 
  2. an attorney must prepare this affidavit for the concerned person.
  3. For those who are abroad, please visit the local embassy or US Consulate Office, in which the affidavit will be notarized.
  4. California Apostille will apostille you affidavit from the Secretary of State in California.

Affidavit Legalization

If the country that is requesting the affidavit is a Non-Hague country, there are two additional steps. California Apostille will authenticate affidavits from the US Department of State, and legalized from the Embassy office.


Note: Affidavits must be notarized by a notary public.


How to write an affidavit

You can follow the following 8 steps in writing an affidavit

  1. Set a title for the affidavit. If it a sworn statement, the name and the address of the affiant must be included in the title, e.g. Affidavit of Rose Jack. If it is to be submitted before the court, you have to state the caption of the case at the top of the affidavit, and it should include the name of the court, county, state, the parties, and the case number.
  2. At the beginning of the affidavit, write the affiant’s name and personal information, including his/her address, workplace, date of birth, job, relationship of the affiant to the parties involved in the affidavit.
  3. Write an opening sentence in the first person, stating that the affiant is swearing under oath, and affirming the written information.
  4. List the facts in the affidavit according to their relevance and importance. Try to arrange them in a consequential manner.
  5. Write each fact in a separate paragraph, numerated.
  6. Each fact should be clear and concise, providing names, addresses, and any needed information.
  7. Write a statement that the affidavit is complete and the facts are true for the affiant to swear to. Then, write the oath the affiant is taking.
  8. Create two blocks for the affiant and the notary public to sign in.


Types of Affidavits

Most probably you have done an affidavit at least once in your life. For those who haven’t, here are some frequently requested affidavits.

Affidavit of Single Status

If a person wants to get married in another Hague Convention country, you will need to have a single status affidavit. This document’s purpose is to prove that he/she is currently not married to another person in the US, or he/she is divorced. For divorced people, a divorce decree issued by the court should be included in the affidavit. The country which requires the affidavit may ask for an official witnessing or certifying his/her signature. However, if a person is marrying someone in another Non-Hague Convention country, his/her documents must be authenticated by the US Department of State and legalized from the Embassy office.

Affidavit of Birth

If someone loses his/her birth certificate, this type of affidavit will be used to verify some facts about his/her birth, including date of birth, county of birth…..etc. it will be filled by a blood relative, his/her midwife, or his/her doctor.  This person will state their relationship to the concerned person, and some information about him/her.

Affidavit of Name Change

It may also be called affidavit of the Same Name, affidavit of Change of Name, or affidavit of one and the same. If a person uses a name that is different from his legal one, and it hasn’t been made official by the court yet, he/she needs to create an affidavit of Name Change to verify his/her identity. It will be an evidence of this person’s identity if her/she wants to apply for a passport, a visa…..etc.

Affidavit of Small State

This document helps you speed up settling an estate. It is used when a life-partner or a family member dies, without a will and with a small estate. This affidavit allows you track the resolution of an estate in a probate court. The term (small estate) varies from a state to another. However, the general range is between $5.000 to $15.000. Make sure of the guidelines of your state small estate before processing this affidavit.

Affidavit of Residence

It is a legal document used in order to verify the residence of a concerned person. It is often used in response to many entities, including court and financial institutions. we can also use this affidavit to verify where someone lived before he/she died. If an agency asks to verify a deceased family member residency before releasing his/her funds and assets, a death certificate should be included with this affidavit.

Affidavit of Financial Basics

It is a document used when someone has been asked to make a sworn statement about his/her finances. In divorce cases, the court may require some information about expenses, investment, and assets. Not only in divorce cases, but also in many legal or business situations. A person should gather his/her information, check its accuracy, and make it official through this financial affidavit.

Affidavit of Domicile

This affidavit helps administrators and executors to transfer bonds and stocks of a deceased, which is considered as an evidence to prove the home of the deceased prior to his/her death.

Affidavit of ID Theft

It is a formal document, signed before a Notary Public, which states that a person’s identity is stolen. This affidavit can secure this person’s accounts from being wrongfully charged. It can get a person protected as quickly as possible after his/her identity card being stolen.


California Apostille accepts the billing system for medium and large companies. We accept also company checks and credit cards. Our fees are upfront and clarified in detail.


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