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california birth certificate apostille

Your DIY Guide to Get a Birth Certificate Apostille in California

How do I get my birth certificate apostille in California? You may ask! Here's how: Get an original copy of your birth certificate from the California Department of Public Health. Fill and completed the request form. Prepare an envelope with all papers required including $26.00 authentication fees. Obtain the Apostille Stamp at California Secretary of State’s office in two ways. Sending the envelope [...]
Apostille Educational Document in California

The Essential Guide to Apostille any Educational Document in California

  International Apostille certification is something you are going to deal with if you are planning to continue your study abroad. Scholarship holders, university exchange students, and many others will be asked to Apostille their academic credentials (transcripts, degree) to be accepted by international universities.   So, you must be asking… How to apostille Academic […]

Expedited Apostille Service In California

Expedited Apostille Service In California

Looking for California Apostille Services? California Apostille can help you apostille documents issued in the State of California for use in any of the Hague Convention countries. Price: $60.00 Per Document.              Processing Time:  2-4 Business Days Order Now All California official documents destined for use in the Hague countries require an [...]
California Apostille Service

Get California Apostille Stamp Easy and Fast

  Do you have a document issued in the State of California and destined for use in a Hague country? Do you want to get your Apostille stamp fast without being scammed with overpriced Apostille service providers? Then, you have come to the right place as California Apostille provides expedited Apostille service and offers the […]

California FDA Apostille

Apostille FDA California

We will Apostille documents issued in California Secretary of State Office. If your document is issued in any other State, visit our website California Apostille for more information about Document Apostille Service in all 50 States.