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Your DIY Guide to Get a Birth Certificate Apostille in California

How do I get my birth certificate apostille in California? You may ask! TL;DR Get an original copy of your birth certificate from the California Department of Public Health. Fill and complete the request form. Prepare an envelope with all papers required including $26.00 authentication fees. Obtain the Apostille Stamp at California Secretary of State’s office in two ways. Sending the envelope […]

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Birth Certificate Apostille In Los Angeles, California [Video]

In this video, we will broadcast a full guide of what is the process for receiving a birth certificate with an apostille in California? and How to do it yourself fast and professional. Resources: California Secretary of State: Office of Authentication: Sacramento office: Processing Times: The California Department of Public Health:

Apostille Death Certificate California

Get a CA Apostille for Your Death Certificate

Looking for Apostille Services for your Death Certificate in the State of California? California Apostille can help to expedite your apostille for your Death Certificate from the CA Secretary of State for use in any of the Hague Convention countries. We can also help to get the CA Secretary of State to certify your death […]